About Us

Hi-Way Harry's is a unique casual steakhouse dining experience. We offer a plethora of different menu options that include steaks, pastas, seafood, salads, appetizers, and of course desserts! Hi-Way Harry's has a unique atmosphere that was designed by a protegee of Frank L. Wright. Hi-Way Harry's was designed by James Dresser. The architecture style is evident by the large ceiling and skylight. It is also evident through the greenery and waterfalls that are within the restaurant. We hope you stop by and enjoy a nice meal, and also enjoy the beautiful atmosphere.

James Dresser

Current Management

Crysta Glover & Jim Glover - Owners

Chris Griffin - Executive Chef

Kyle Kemmerling - General Manager

Alex Zuehlke - Manager

John U. - Manager

Melissa O. - Manager

Barb S. - Manager